Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video Scandal: What Really Happened

Sehaj Arora and his wife became famous for their Kulhad Pizza in Jalandhar, Punjab. Kulhads refer to the earthen cups in which they serve their pizzas, giving them a unique touch. Their videos showcasing the preparation of these pizzas quickly spread on social media, making the couple well-known. However, a video has recently been circulating online claiming to show them in a compromising position. Sehaj has come forward and stated that the video is false and has registered a police complaint. But this has not stopped people from discussing and speculating about the future of the Kulhad Pizza couple.

Kulhad Pizza viral couple vide scandal
Kulhad Pizza Viral Couple

Sehaj and his wife started Kulhad Pizza in January 2021. They were determined to create something different from the regular pizza and decided to incorporate Indian culture into their cooking. They used earthen cups instead of plates and various spices to make the pizza more Indian-tasting. Their creative approach to pizza-making gained a lot of popularity on social media.

But the success of going viral had its downside when a "fake" video clip claiming to be Sehaj and his wife spread on social media. The couple has filed a police complaint against the person who sent the video. They claim the video is fake and that they have been extorted for money. They emphasize that the viral video may have been created using artificial intelligence.

Sehaj and his family have suffered a lot after the scandal. The video has not only damaged their reputation but also affected their business. YouTuber Karan Dutta has also been accused of spreading the fake video and is blamed for the harm done to the business. The police have arrested the woman who extorted Sehaj and his wife.

Social media can be a fantastic platform for free marketing and growing one's business. But it can also be dangerous to go viral. As we have seen in this case, one erroneous video can create significant problems for the business and its owners.

Despite the turmoil surrounding Kulhad Pizza's name, the business has continued to thrive. They have promised not to let such incidents affect their pizza business. In fact, they plan to launch new products shortly to expand their business.

Kulhad Pizza will forever be known as the breakers of traditional pizza. They have shown that it is possible to create something unique and special from what seems to be simple everyday food. But the recent chaos around their name also shows how vulnerable the business can be on social media.

Kulhad Pizza Scandal

Sehaj Arora, a food truck owner from Punjab, went viral for selling Kulhad Pizza - pizza served in kulhad or clay cups. But recently, he and his wife were involved in a controversy when a viral video claimed to show them in a compromising position. However, Sehaj has called the video "fake" and has filed a police complaint.

Sehaj Arora and his wife started selling Kulhad Pizza on a street in Jalandhar and quickly gained popularity. They also shared videos showing how they prepare pizza and how they met and fell in love before getting married. Soon, their video became a viral sensation on social media.

The Kulhad Pizza Scandal: Recently, a video circulated on social media claiming to show Sehaj and his wife in a compromising position. Sehaj called the video "fake" and filed a police complaint. He claimed that someone sent the "fake" video to them on Instagram and demanded money, but they refused to pay. After that, the video was posted on social media. Sehaj stressed that the video was completely fake and could have been generated using artificial intelligence. He also urged people not to share the video.

Sehaj quickly took action and filed a police complaint. He also released several video messages explaining the situation and how it has affected his family. Those who demanded money were later arrested by the police.

The scandal had a major impact on Sehaj and his family. They were severely affected by the false allegations and rumors spread on social media. A YouTuber named Karan Dutta accused Sehaj of spreading the video, but Sehaj believed that Dutta was innocent. The situation has led to a decrease in sales and clearly highlighted the effects of social media on businesses.

The Kulhad Pizza controversy also shows the effects of social media on business. Virality can lead to increased popularity, but it can also have negative consequences if it goes wrong. The risk of going viral can cause more harm than benefit if not managed well. Sehaj and his family's situation demonstrates how quickly things can spiral out of control on social media.

Kulhad Pizza has been a great success in Punjab, providing customers with a unique food experience. However, the scandal shows how devastating false rumors and accusations can be on social media. Sehaj's prompt actions also highlight the importance of handling social media responsibly and proactively.

How Sehaj and His Family Were Affected?

Although Sehaj claims that he was not extorted, it can be difficult to imagine how his family felt when the video appeared. This is a tremendous amount of stress and can also lead to dangerous situations, which is also why he reported the incident. The couple has also been subjected to serious criticism on social media.

The couple has registered a police report, and one person has been arrested for extortion with the video. But this is still an ongoing investigation as we write this, so we will have to wait and see what happens next.

This event shows how social media can be a winner or a loser in the business world. While the kulhad pizza couple became known through social media, it is also an indication of how quickly rumors and scandals can spread. This is a reminder that it is important to be careful and consider the consequences of what you post on social media.

It is still a question of whether it is worth going viral for fame. Although Sehaj and his wife became known on social media with the help of their kulhad pizza, this has also caused a major scandal. It is evident that one must consider the consequences of their actions, whether it involves going viral or not.

Kulhad pizza is still a popular business in Jalandhar despite the scandal. Although Sehaj and his wife have been subject to criticism, their firm defense against rumors shows that kulhad pizza will stand firm. The kulhad pizza couple also have plans for the future and are expecting to launch more unique items on the menu.

The scandal surrounding the kulhad pizza couple has led to a huge vicious circle that has affected people in many ways. It also shows how social media and digital platforms can harm or help a business. Whatever happens next, we hope that Sehaj and his wife can continue with their kulhad pizza business and turn the situation into something positive and creative.

Popularity and future prospects

Sehaj Arora and his wife have become known for their unique kulhad pizza in Punjab, which quickly went viral on media. But a recently published video threatens to ruin their reputation.

Sehaj Arora started selling kulhad pizza on the streets of Jalandhar with his wife. Their unique pizza, served in kulhad or clay cups, was an instant hit. After their videos were shared on social media, where the couple talked about their love story and how they started the business, their popularity exploded.

Kulhad Pizza Scandal: After a video allegedly showing Sehaj and his wife in a compromising position started circulating, Sehaj initiated a legal process, claiming that the video was fabricated and an attempt to extort them. Sehaj has asked people not to spread the video and has insisted that his family is innocent.

Sehaj and his family have suffered due to the controversy. A woman who attempted to extort them was arrested, but Sehaj claims that their business and family dynamics have been destroyed.

Sehaj has also criticized YouTuber Karan Dutta and claims that he has spread the video on various platforms, exacerbating the situation for his family.

Despite this, Kulhad Pizza has continued to be popular, and Sehaj has announced plans to open several new outlets in Punjab and across the country. He has also said that he plans to expand his menu, with new and innovative dishes inspired by Punjabi cuisine.

Continued Popularity for Kulhad Pizza: Kulhad Pizza has established itself as a favorite among people, not only in Punjab but throughout the country. It has also received significant attention from foreign tourists and social media influencers.

Upcoming Projects: Sehaj has several new projects in the works, such as launching his own lifestyle brand and a food app that will allow customers to order kulhad pizza online. He has his sights set on expanding the business and making his food experience accessible to everyone.

Despite the recent events, Sehaj and his wife have shown themselves to be tough and have supported each other during this difficult time. Their passion for cooking and entrepreneurship has not only made Kulhad Pizza a popular dish in Punjab and across India, but also inspired other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.


Sehaj Arora is the man behind "Kulhad Pizza" which consists of pizza served in kulhad or earthen cups. He and his wife became viral after sharing their stories of how they met and started selling kulhad pizza on the streets of Jalandhar.

Sehaj and his wife started selling kulhad pizza as an experiment, but thanks to its unique presentation, it quickly became popular. Soon, people started looking for them and spreading their stories on social media and in the media.

A scandal arose when a viral video suggest that Sehaj and his wife were in a compromising position. Sehaj called the video fake and filed a police complaint. He stressed that the video was fake and possibly generated through artificial intelligence.

The scandal had a strong impact on Sehaj's family. He identified a woman who was responsible for blackmailing him, and she was later arrested by the police. He also accused a YouTube channel owner named Karan Dutta as the spreader of the video.

Kulhad Pizza became viral thanks to social media. But Sehaj and his wife were also able to use this platform to advertise and reach a larger audience.

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