Many blogger wants to obtain  Google first page rank but they always write an article without check Google keywords ranking for target topic. Keywords play the major roll in any blog's Seo. If you have not good idea that how to place keywords and which is best and high rank then this is tough to get first page on Google search. Always check keyword ranking before writing any article. There are many tools avilaibal online that provides this service.
    Today blogging is the best and trusted way to earn money online. Many successful blogger are earning thousands of dollars per month. If you are a new one in blogging and wants to earn money like others then always write an detailed article on any subjects with targeted keywords. If you will not placed keywords between your article then it will be ignored by search engine like Google.  Here we have come up with 12 free keyword rank checker tools that also provides competition details. It only takes 2-5 minutes to use tool to find which Keyword you should target.

Free Google keyword rank checker tools

There are a number of tools avilaibal to check Google keyword rankings but here we will descus 15 best tools that is totaly free. In this tutorial, we will teach you  - how to easily and quickly check your rankings. These all free and easy tools help you to improve your keywords postion in google search.
Top 12 Keyword Position Checker Tools
Serps provides best seo tools for their user. To help of this tools webmasters can Check keyword rankings positions in Google or Yahoo from over 100 country and language combinations. You can use it to spot check keyword position anytime in dozens of countries.
This site only takes 2 minutes to research simply write your targeted keywords and your website  address  in given box and hit enter and wait for 1 minute and then click on see ranking. This tools show you the exact position of your sites in Google search for given keywords. is a  tool will return the top 100 SERP results for any given keyword if the site field is left blank. That way you can see what sites rank in the top 100 for any SERP. If you don,t want to waste money then use this free Rank checker tools.
This is another free tools which using you can check your position in the top search engines for specific keywords to determine what is working, and what needs more work. Enter website name in first given box and then choose search engine after enter your keywords in second box , select which page range you want to check, then click on “Check Position” and watch the result.  if your website isn’t showing in the top ten pages then work with your keywords and improve ranking.Small SEO tools is allows up to 20 keyword tracking per request . It is a best back-link checker tool also. You can track your ranking on all three famous search engine and improve it.

Moonsy is a great website that provides many free seo services for blogger. The website allows webmasters to check Google search position for single keyword for many domains at once. This is very useful tools for those who does not want to waste money in paid tools. You can check your position in first 100 search results.
Using Moonsy- Google keyword rank checker, you can also add your competitor’s site to compare how rankings have been working for you both. It is the alternative of Serps. All webmasters can check at once rank for up to domains as own or competitors domain
Using Moz rank tracker you can check your targeted keyword performance across Google, Bing , and Yahoo! search. You can see how much traffic those keywords have generated.and track your performance compared to competitors. It is well known and trusted tools free for 30 days trail.
SEMrush is also webmaster’s favorite professional search engine marketing  tool which use to know the keywords position for particular posts in Google search result. Enter the URL of any site or particular page on SEMrush and you get the dta about the keywords.
Semrush tool is free for 14 days trail and after you can think to get their subscription. Many top professional blogger are using it to improve their search engine ranking.

SEO SERP workbench is a chrome extension that is used by bloggers and professionals to know their search engine rankings of the keywords. SSW is downloaded over 79K times by webmasters that show how useful and popular it.

Seo Book Rank Checker

It is  is a free search engine ranking checking tools for Firefox by Seo Book. After downloading the  extension is completely hosted on your PC and tracks keyword rankings easily. Logged in with your  Google account and you can get updated personalized report. You can also turn it of by using given option to see your keyword rank in the search engines in general.

SEO Centro is also work like the small SEO tools and Moonsy.By using It you obtain detailed data of your or competitor keyword ranking based on three search engines viz., Google, Bing and Yahoo.
Google position checker tool provided by Search Engine Genie. . It checks if your URL appears in the first 1000 results for your chosen keywords. If the URL is present, it will output what position it occupies. It is 100% free to use. By using it you can get information about your targeted keyword rank in many countries. Website also provides many other seo services like back link checking.
It is a free keyword rank checker tool that allows you to paste in a list of keywords, enter your domain, and pull back all of the Google rankings. The position tool is built completely into a Google Doc.   
Allorank is a revolutionary, free-of-charge keyword rank checker tool that not only allows webmasters to see up to date Google performance in real time for your domain and keywords. It also allows you to monitor your performance day after day and build up a long term picture about how effective your keywords really are.You can check your position on Google or any other search engine by following simple  steps. First paste your domain name in box  after choose country , keyword , language and click on start : get my position and your work is done. After one minutes your report will be there.
Keyword Battle   

Keyword Battle is a powerful keyword rank checker tool by Web Seo Analytics that allows you to check your Search Engine Rankings and compare them with your Competitors. Select the list of keywords that you are targeting. You will be able to discover immediately if the websites rank for those keywords in the major Search Engines: Google and Bing. Additionally this clever tool enables you to check the position of your competitors and compare their results with yours.

 There are many tools avilaibal online to check your website and keyword ranking without any charges. You can find position of your keywords in the search results to improve them. Successful blogger always do some research before writing any article.  Blogging success is totally depend upon it that how much time you waste on research to select a particular keyword.
Now, here we have shared the 12 free keyword rank checker tools that will provide you the rank of your keywords in Google search result. By using these tools  you can choose best keywords for your post and try to get first page rank in Google search.  If your site or blog is new then getting first page rank for any keywords is tough but after some time you can achieve that goal.  If you have a website or tools that provides rank checking service you can list there in to comment box.